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Indianapolis Colts Engagement Photography

Indianapolis Engagement Photography_0020Get ready for one of the craziest meet cutes of all time!! Ready? Action!

Scene 1:

Heather & Steve. Both HUGE Indianapolis Colts fans. Living their lives day by day, Colts game by Colts game. Both single, but both madly in love with the Colts.

Scene 2:

Heather’s cousin asks her if she’ll attend a party – there’s a guy named Steve who would make a great date! After much convincing, Heather agrees, but not after a sufficient amount of Facebook stalking to see what she can find out about this Steve guy. 😉 She can’t put her finger on it, but something about Steve is familiar to her. Hmmm…

Scene 3: Steve does some Facebook stalking of his own. Checks out Heather’s profile, and is drawn to her Cover Photo…which of course was taken at a Colts game. Wait a minute…there in the corner of the photo…he sees HIMSELF! He’s in her cover photo!

Scene 4: Heather & Steve meet, flirt, come to realize that they both adore the Colts, and that their families have season tickets just ROWS apart! Which explains how Steve was in Heather’s photo – and why he looked so familiar to Heather! The man of her dreams has been right there, in the corner of her cover photo and just a few rows away at each Colts game…all along!

When we sat down and met with these two and heard this story…we totally flipped!!! So of course…when planning their engagement session – we knew we’d be spending some time down at Lucas Oil!  Enjoy a few of our favorites – starting at the very bridge where they got engaged, and finishing up at the Heart of Indy’s Universe….The Stadium!

Indianapolis Engagement Photography_0001Indianapolis Engagement Photography_0002Indianapolis Engagement Photography_0003Indianapolis Engagement Photography_0004Indianapolis Engagement Photography_0005Indianapolis Engagement Photography_0006Indianapolis Engagement Photography_0007Indianapolis Engagement Photography_0008Indianapolis Engagement Photography_0009Indianapolis Engagement Photography_0010Indianapolis Engagement Photography_0011Indianapolis Engagement Photography_0012Indianapolis Engagement Photography_0013Indianapolis Engagement Photography_0014Indianapolis Engagement Photography_0015Indianapolis Engagement Photography_0016Indianapolis Engagement Photography_0017Indianapolis Engagement Photography_0018Indianapolis Engagement Photography_0019Indianapolis Engagement Photography_0021Indianapolis Engagement Photography_0022Indianapolis Engagement Photography_0023Indianapolis Engagement Photography_0024Indianapolis Engagement Photography_0025Indianapolis Engagement Photography_0026Indianapolis Engagement Photography_0027Indianapolis Engagement Photography_0028Indianapolis Engagement Photography_0029Indianapolis Engagement Photography_0030Indianapolis Engagement Photography_0031We are so excited for their gorgeous wedding next summer at The Ambassador House – of course it will be complete with a few perfect Colts’ touches here and there! Thanks Heather & Steve for a beautiful session – you guys are perfect!:)


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